Top Best Paintball Guns – A Buyer’s Guide

Paintball guns, also known as paintball markers come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and price ranges and finding the best paintball gun with all the bells and whistles can be very confusing and overwhelming.

So how do I find the perfect paintball gun? Fear not, we created this helpful guide to sort through all the information and help you get the best gun that matches your level of play without breaking the bank. We’ll cover the basics of paintball guns, top brands, different styles of play and accessories you can buy.

As a rule of thumb, a more expensive gun will have more features, offer better accuracy and help you shoot farther and faster, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get a great paintball gun at an affordable. We also put the following comparison table together to give you a quick look at the best selling paintball guns.

Paintball Gun Comparison Table

How to Find a Paintball Gun to match your Skill Level

Finding a great paintball gun depends more on your skill level and your budget than anything else. Sure,it would be nice to have the latest model with all of the bells and whistles, but if you are just starting out, going after the top of the line paintball gun with a ton of extra features is probably not a good idea.

If you only play for recreation, you don’t need to ante up the big money for a special marker. Your goal is to simply get the best paintball gun you can afford, knowing you can always upgrade later as your skill improves and you become better at the game.

Paintball Gun Basics

Before you buy a paintball gun you need to learn some of the basics that will get you up and running as fast as possible and help you make a better buying decision. Lets get into into it, shall we?

Most Paintball Guns fall into the following 2 categories:

Mechanical - Mechanical paintball guns are activated mechanically and do not require a battery or electronic board to fire. Each time you pull the trigger, the marker releases one paintball at a time via a pump or bolt system. You then have to cock the mechanism to load the next paintball into the barrel and repeat this process for every shot.

The advantages of using a mechanical gun is that you don’t have to rely on a battery in order to shoot. As long as you have your CO2 or compressed air screwed on to the paintball gun, you are ready to go. Mechanical guns can be helpful if you are out camping or doing an overnight trip where you don’t have to worry about your battery going dead and not being able to play.

Electronic - Electronic guns on the other hand, rely on battery power to fire the paintballs and are capable of firing at high rates of speed. Some electronic guns can fire up to 10-15 rounds or paintballs per trigger pull. While it’s nice to have the option of fire superiority when you need it, you’ll also be burning through a ton more paintballs and need to keep this in mind when it comes down to budgeting. Although, electronic paintball guns are now more affordable than they were years ago when they were considered an expensive luxury.

All Paintball guns (mechanical and electronic) are designed to shoot paintballs using compressed air or CO2 as the propellant.

What is the difference between compressed air and CO2?

Compressed air is natural breathing air that is kept under pressure. It is also known as HPA - High Pressure Air and is widely used for all sorts of equipment and power tools like HVAC control systems, scuba diving gear, railway braking systems and even dust cleaner canisters for electronics. Compressed air is expensive and can be more expensive than electricity, natural gas and water.

Most mechanical guns will take either compressed Air or CO2 while electronic guns mainly support HPA or compressed air.. It’s easy to find places, like sporting good stores where compressed air can be filled for a cost of about $5 to $10.

Most of the compressed air bottles are made out of fiberglass and weigh half the weight of some CO2 containers.

Most of the electronic guns require compressed air which can only be filled at a paintball shop or paintball facility.

CO2 is Carbon Dioxide and has been around since the beginning of paintball. This was the first type of propellant that was used to fire up some of the first paintball guns that were made. When CO2 turns from a liquid into a gas, it expands and creates pressure that helps to fire the paintball. Unfortunately, CO2 is unstable and fluctuates based on temperature and other variables.

The Type of paintball style you play will also determine the paintball gun you buy

Different Types of Paintball Play

There are some variations of paintball play like airball, hyperball but we’ll stick to the following main 3:

Woodsball - A type of paintball play that’s played in the woods (hence the name) and not in a paintball park or designated area. There are boundaries of course, but the fields tend to be large and cover usually comes in the form of trees, rocks, plywood, etc, or anything that is natural.

Woodsball Guns, also known as rec-ball guns are usually black or dark colored paintball guns. These guns are some of the more realistic assault rifle type of guns out there.

Speedball - As the name implies, Speedball is a fast and furious game. These games are very competitive and played in a more flat surface like a soccer field in order to prevent injury. Players of opposite sides move quickly behind bunker style

Speedball guns - These are some of the high-end, electronic paintball guns with electronic control panels. Usually, you’ll see people playing speedball with fancy, bright colored paintball guns and these guns must be as fast as possible. You want to deliver as much paint as possible, per trigger squeeze when playing speedball.

Scenario - Also known as tactical paintball, Scenario Paintball can be really fun and adds a specific theme or story to the game. It’s not just about shooting your opponent, but more about completing a mission. For example, this could be anything from rescuing a hostage to retrieving a specific prop, building, flag or object from the field.

A scenario could consist of anything, like re-enacting D-Day or other military battles to the zombie apocalypse where a third team enters the battlefield as zombies. A great example is Oklahoma’s Adventure Park in Wyandotte, Oklahoma, which hosts the worlds largest scenario game recreating events of World War II called
Oklahoma DDAY

Scenario Guns - Depends highly on the type of scenario game you are playing (Military, futuristic, video game or other.) This is where players go all out and bring out some of their fancy guns. Most guns in this category are machine gun, sniper type guns with scopes, red-dot sites, silencers and tripods.

When you get hit by a paintball in scenario paintball, you don’t have to sit out for the rest of the game. All you have to do is get your shot wiped off and get re-inserted by the referee.

Different Types of Paintball Brands

There are many paintball manufacturers out there and some of the more famous brands are as follows:

Tippmann - one of the largest and most reputable paintball companies in the world and has been manufacturing guns since 1988. They offer great high end models and some really inexpensive, entry level markers that are not cheap in quality but are great for beginners. Guns like the Tippman 98 and the higher end Tippman X7 Phenom continue to perform well.

Azodin- While only a few years old, Azodin brings plenty of knowledge to the table and features some of the great paintball guns for beginners to intermediate users at reasonable prices. Some of their guns like the Azodin Kaos, Zenith and Blitz have exploded into the paintball market. Combine that with great customer service and you are looking at a company that will be around for a long time.

Dye Paintball - Known for a long time as a leader for high end paintball guns and gear. Paintball guns like the Dye M2 and the Dye DAM CQB bring some serious firepower to the avid or tournament player. They have recently ventured into the mid range market so expect some exceptional guns there too.

DLX Technologies Home of the DLX Luxe Paintball Gun. This is the Rolls Royce of paintball markers and one of the most sough-after guns for high end performance and all-out tournament play. Designed to be super customizable to meet the strictest demands of any advanced player.

GOG - A relatively new company by the same people that built Smart Parts and the ION Paintball Gun. Some of their quality guns like the GOG eNMEy and the GOG eXTCY have taken the paintball industry by storm.

The Best Paintball Guns for Beginners

If you are an entry level player, either standing in for a regular player or just being introduced to the sport for the first time, you can get a decent non-electrical marker for under $100. Units in this price range are reliable and accurate as far as mechanical guns go.

They are simple to use, easy to figure out,lightweight and easy to clean and maintain. They work just fine for the player who wants to get some exercise, relieve stress, spend time with friends or take on a friendly competition. These range of guns aren’t appropriate for a higher level of play, however.

While it has a few features compared to the more expensive models, it works fine as a starter gun. You can upgrade to another level once you get accustomed to it. For $150-200 you can get a lot more features on a lower end gun that’s still fit for a beginner. It’s all a matter of how much money you can spend at the moment.

Paintball Guns for Intermediate Users

The best markers for intermediate users generally start out at $300 and up. They have a better performance level and faster firing. This level of gun is more appropriate for a more frequent player or outdoors paintball player. As you go into full combat, you’ll need this type of gun to remain competitive.

The Best Paintball Markers for Advanced Users

Top performing guns are generally $400 and up. They usually have a composite frame and spring-releasing bolts. This type of gun is meant for the avid player or tournament player. These aren’t meant for your backyard scrimmage.

These are meant for the highly competitive players who need to be quick on their feet with good decision-making skills. There is no time for a marker than can’t keep up. These are best for speedball tournaments because they are lighter than their woodsball counterparts.

Best Paintball Gear and Accessories

There are a number of options as far as upgrading your current paintball gear or adding on special features. The following list contains a few that you might want to consider:

A new barrel. This is by far the best upgrade you can buy for your paintball gun, especially if they get clogged with paint ball fragments. Keeping the barrel clean is essential for the long term life of the gun.

A mask. A face mask is an essential part of the paintball gear you’ll need, along with protective goggles. If you choose to protect nothing else, protect your eyes.
A vest. These are great for holding gear and balls as you travel around in the tactical sport.

Hoppers. These help feed the paintballs.
Spring kit. Tension is what determines how fast the ball will go. Springs are the firs thing that need to be replaced over time, but they are easy to do.

Ammunition. Paintballs are a reoccurring expense for avid players. It’s not much different than paying for a bucket of ball at the golf course or weekly dues to join a bowling league. It just goes with the territory.

CO2. Compressed air tanks are another expense to consider in this extreme sport.
Pods. These are used to store the actual paintballs. They come in a variety of colors and can hold anywhere from 10 to 100 rounds.

Gloves. Just another element of protective gear that you’ll be glad to have. Getting shot in the hand makes it easy to drop your gun. Having that layer or protection can give you a barrier between the paintball and your hand so you can steady the marker.
A package deal.

This may be the best way to go for a beginner. A typical package deal includes a marker, and commonly used accessories like protective gear, hoppers, an air tank and apparel.

Maintenance - Even the Most Expensive, High End Paintball Gun Can Have Problems

While lower end markers are likely to break down faster, even high end models can have problems due to overuse or improper cleaning and maintenance. You may experience a leaky tank, a gun that doesn’t re-cock, double firing or paintballs stuck in the barrel. The best way to fix problems with your marker is to disassemble it, thoroughly clean it, replace the o rings and the springs and then reassemble it according to the manufacturer’s directions.


I hope this guide has been helpful in getting you up to speed with the latest and best paintball guns in the market.

When you factor in all the additional gear you’ll have to buy, like air tanks, hoppers, paintballs, goggles and a paintball mask, it can really start to add up.

We hope you find a great paintball gun at a great price that is well matched for your level of play.

Keep in mind there are tons of guns out there, so even if you end up getting a lower end model, you can always upgrade to a better one with more advanced features as your play gets better. So go out there and have tons of fun and get some experience.

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What to Wear for Paintball

Playing paintball for the first time, you are likely to wonder exactly what you should wear while in this thick of battle. Firstly, the nature of paintball needs to be considered as it is an outdoor sport, meaning that you will be exposed to various weather conditions.

Depending on the type of park you will play at, you will be exposed to rain, snow conditions, muddy slippery trails, hilly terrains as well as warm or cold temperatures. It is important to always dress in layers to be able to adjust to weather and temperature fluctuations throughout the day.

The ideal attire of paintball game offers full coverage of arms and legs. This thin layer of clothing will act as a protective barrier between your skin and paint. Below is the list of what to wear for paintball.

Paintballs travel at a high speed of 200 miles per hour, which can make for head shoots uncomfortable. So it is best to protect your head. The speed that paintball fly in the air can hurt your head if you are not wearing protection. It is recommended to add on a do-rag, winter hat or baseball cap.

So you need to strap on a paintball mask over your hoodie for the ultimate protection. It is imperative to wear a mask that is designed specifically for paintball. All the paintball mask cover the face, but there are others that cover the entire head. However, it is important to note that covering your head will often cause your mask to fog up and as a result decrease your vision.

When you buy paintball mask, you need to go for one that fits the most comfortably. The mask should stay firmly affixed to your head and not fall off while you are running or when performing any activity during thick of battle.

Hands are the most common target when playing paintball as you expose them by pointing the markers down range at your opponents. Hands usually have a tender spot on them and paintball shots to the hand. Thus you do not attempt to play paintball without gloves. Many players wear fingerless gloves and this gloves may affect the trigger sensitivity.

You can opt for football gloves, lite duty mechanic gloves or gardening gloves. It is important to note that your gloves should have extra padding or a plastic protective component on the back section of the hand. While some people choose to wear fingerless weight lifting gloves, this is not the best option.

Also stay away from welding gloves, winter gloves as they tend to be too thick and cumbersome for trigger sensitivity.

Paintball can expose your legs to a variety of elements depending on where you are playing. Rocks, dirt, thorns and twigs that can cause you to have a scratch on your legs and knees. Therefore, you should wear two pairs of baggy elastic sweat pants and avoid wearing shorts.

Many players choose to wear cargo pants, jumpsuits, jeans or paintball specific pants. But paintball specific pants are ideal because they come with built-in knee padding to enable crawling, kneeling and for impact protection.  Therefore the thicker and baggier the pants the better, as they allow you to move freely and reduce the chances of a bruise as compared to tight garments.

The rule of thumb for paintball is to have little skin exposed to paint as possible. So you need to wear a long sleeve t-shirt as the initial base layer. Many players wear dark colored loose sweatshirts, paintball specific jersey, hoodies with long sleeve t-shirt and a little rain resistant.

Also, you can find padded shirts that offer important protection. These t-shirts are usually fairly costly and are very comfortable. You also need to wear loose clothes that will help you with hits and to not break on targets. This means that you will get eliminated less and shots won't sting as much.

Some players have also adopted sniper suits that are typically worn by hunters as they provide camouflage and can break up the head's outline. Also, some players add vests to the outside of their t-shirts. Vest are ideal for woodsball players and usually, have built-in padding that absorbs the impact. They are also good as they have several pockets that hold anything that the player may need like watch, maps, radio, water bottle, personal items etc.

You need to consider good shoes when you decide what to wear for paintball. Shoes are the most important components as ankle injuries from paintball are the most commonly due to running, jumping, diving and lower body movements. You need to wear high quality and durable old sneakers.

Most players choose to wear football sneakers, hiking boots or army boots. You need to wear shoes that you don not mind getting them wet or dirty. There are certain shoes that you need to avoid when you want to play paintball. To ensure your ankle and foot safety and comfort you should not wear open toed shoes or sandals.

For most frequent players, they need to invest in their own mask. Goggles are the most important piece of gear as players are required to wear on the field so as to protect their face and their eyes. So it important to consider goggle when you choose what to wear for paintball.

When you choose between single lens goggles and thermal lens goggles, you need to go for thermal variety and also choose quality masks that provide anti-fog shields and comfort lining. You need to avoid goggles that are not intended for paintballing use. Goggles that are desihgned specifically for paintballs are a necessity. This is to help you to prevent lose of sight in the eye if you get stuck in the eye with paintball.

Paint on your skin or hair usually wash out quickly in a shower and paint is hypoallergic, so there are no adverse reactions when you take a hit directly on your skin. But protection is the main thing to consider when you are deciding what to wear for paintball. Always remember not to leave any skin exposed as paintball stings a lot more on bare skin.

Cheap Paintball Guns That Rock

With so many paintball guns in the market today, finding a great paintball marker can be a daunting task, but finding a cheap paintball gun that will not break the bank and doesn't feel like a piece of cheap plastic is probably harder.

Let's take a look at critical information associated with paintball guns and what to look for as you enter the market.

Before looking at the benefits, tips for buying, and recommended entry-level guns in your price range, it's best to start with a simple assessment of things you need to look for

What should it have to offer those who are doing this for the first time?

1) Simple Design

The simplicity of its design is the first advantage a person is going to notice. A cheap paintball gun is made to optimize the materials being used, so you are getting a bang for your buck deal. This is a critical element in how these guns are designed.

They are made to prosper in all situations and remain active as you are moving around on the field of play.

Paintball is all about the details, but a simple design is one of those advantageous realities a person is not going to ignore when they're choosing a good paintball gun.

2) Budget-Friendly

The premise of going with a "cheap" paintball gun is to make sure you have a good price in place that suits your budget. Each person is going to have a unique price point they're comfortable with, but you will know a cheap paintball gun is a must.

These paintball guns are made to provide value for your dollar.

You will not feel pressured into a weak gun that is not going to work when you require it the most. It is going to continue to charge forward and work the way you want it to, and that is a great starting point.

3) Robust

The design is going to be robust with a cheap paintball gun. It is going to be designed in a manner where the materials won't deteriorate over time. You will be able to use it consistently and know things are going to be the same every day.

This is essential for those who are hoping to see results when they are on the field of play.

You don't want to have a piece of equipment that will disintegrate in your hands or seize up when you are about to win. Plus, you're going to get a better return on your investment with a robust gun, and that is the case here.

4) Ergonomic

The handle of the gun is going to become important when you are diving around. You don't want to lose grip at an inopportune time as that is a sign of a gun that doesn't work based on your needs. The best paintball guns will always have an ergonomic setup.

They are going to be lightweight and comfortable on the hands.

This is important when you are hoping to maximize your chance in the game every single time you step on the field. If this doesn't happen, you will face a barrage of attacks from opponents without being able to respond.

5) Responsive Trigger

The trigger should be responsive as no one wants to get caught in a situation where they are not able to release the marker on time. It is essential to test out the gun as its advantage has to include a trigger that works well and in unison with your needs.

The best paintball guns are always responsive and easy on the hands when you are using them.

It's even more important when you are moving from end to end and looking to maintain quality with your shots.

6) Precise

The quality of a paintball gun is determined by its precision. If it is not able to release paintballs at an accurate speed, you will hate having the equipment in your hand. An entire game can go down the drain with the wrong paintball gun.

This occurs when a person has not spent time looking at the gun's specs. A good paintball gun will always be precise as that's one of its benefits.

Tips For Selecting Cheap Paintball Gun

1) Compare Options

Before doing anything else, you want to enter the market and start assessing your options. Do you have a list of needs that have to be met? List them out and make sure you have them by your side as you sift through all of the choices.

You can go through a range of options before you can nail down what will work.

Compare options and be selective about the features you are getting from the equipment. You never want a paintball gun that is going to fail on you. This can happen with the wrong choice.

2) Focus On Accuracy And Range

If there are two components of a great paintball gun, it will be the accuracy you are getting on each shot and range. You never want to falter because the accuracy of your paintball gun is off. This happens when the wrong choice is made, and a mediocre paintball gun is put to the test.

Accuracy is all about the craftsmanship of a gun and how it's made for paintball.

Real paintball guns can handle movement and remain precise from all angles. This consistency even with range is what makes them special buys for people.

3) Emphasize Preference

You need to go with what you prefer, and this cannot be stressed enough. You have to understand what you require from a paintball gun. Some people prefer to go with lightweight solutions, while others want full-out power and can manage extra weight.

You will have to list these things out immediately.

If you are not emphasizing preference and following what others are doing, you could end up with a lame solution that doesn't work for your approach to paintball. Work hard on these details because the paintball gun is a major part of what you're going to do on the field.

4) Be Patient

You want to have the mindset of someone who is ready to be patient. Too many people think they can enter the market and get a random paintball gun as long as it works. Sure, you can do this, and it might work at times, but mostly you will falter and choose something that is mediocre.

Don't go with an inferior piece of equipment when a bit of research is going to give you a chance to maximize your potential.

Recommended Cheap Paintball Guns

1) Spyder Xtra

This is an exceptional "entry level" paintball gun that has wooed people over the years and continues to do so. The charm of this paintball gun is the ergonomic design and how it fits into the $100 range a person is going to have set.

It's remarkably easy to maintain, and the accuracy is world-class.

You will never feel out of place with Spyder Xtra, and that is a plus point. Its trigger is great, and you will always be accurate when you are out on the field having a go at opponents and hoping to nail them.

2) US Army Alpha Black

This is a paintball gun that is under $100 and is crafted by Tippmann. This is a renowned manufacturer that has built its brand from teh ground up and understands what a player will be looking for. You want to maximize your range and you will get it with this paintball gun at a good price.

You are also going to be able to push it hard as this is one of the toughest guns you are going to find.

It can take almost anything and still look great as if you have just purchased it. This woos many people and makes it a great choice.

This is the information you will require before making a decision on which cheap paintball gun you should be going with. Paintball is a great sport, but just like anything else, you have to spend time on the equipment and make sure to put the right foot forward.

You don't want to lose games because you are not equipped with the right gun in hand.

It is the little details that matter, but as long as your needs are being met, a good paintball gun is going to make a real difference.

Azodin Kaos Review – Is it Worth It?

On a recent trip to CPX Paintball near Chicago, a friend of mine loaned me one of his paintball guns. That gun turned out to be the Azodin Kaos paintball gun and I was instantly hooked. At the time, I didn’t have my paintball gear with me but I was very pleased with the versatility of this gun.

I was so happy that I went home and ordered one of my own and created the following Azodin Kaos review for those of you with a limited budget. This gun turned out to be the perfect choice

Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun Features

There are a lot of paintball guns out there, so let’s start by talking about the specific features of the Azodin Kaos. I had a chance to try one out before buying, but it’s important to know what you’re getting – especially if you’ll be ordering online.

  • Semi-automatic .68 caliber gun that fires standard paintball pellets
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Lightweight feather striker – 30% lighter than a traditional striker
  • Double ball detents for accurate loading
  • Top cocking pull pin
  • Gas-through grip
  • Two-finger trigger for firing control
  • Works on CO2 or compressed air

This gun retails for less than a hundred dollars, and yet it has a lot of features that you would expect to find on a much pricier model. That makes it a great choice for beginners because it gives a real feel for the sport without breaking the bank.

Benefits of the Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun

If you’re new to paintball, running down the features of this gun isn’t going to help you much. That’s why I want to talk about it in practical terms – what do those features mean in real terms. Here are some of the reasons I like and recommend this gun.


The first reason I like this gun is that it is very lightweight. It weighs only a little over two pounds – 34 ounces to be exact.

Now, I have a friend who’s a hunter and used to carrying around a shotgun. He tried this gun out and thought it was a little light for his taste, but I really like the fact that it’s so easy to carry. Even if you’re on a paintball course or out in the woods for hour, it’s not too much to carry.

The lightness of this weapon also makes it a great choice for kids. My sister’s kids both want to try paintball, and I plan on buying each of them one of these for Christmas. It doesn’t make any sense for a beginner to start out with a heavy gun.

No Plastic Parts

What really makes this gun stand out from others in the same price range is its construction. Unlike other guns, it’s made of solid aluminum. There are no cheap plastic parts, and that means that you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

Easy Cleaning

Another reason I like the Azodin Kaos is that it’s easy to clean. It’s got a twist-off feed neck on the top of the gun that unscrews for extremely simple cleaning. Believe me, you don’t want to invest in a paintball gun and then find that it’s hard to clean.

The feed neck screws off with one hand so you can get into the top of the gun and clean it. That’s important because if you don’t take care of your gun, it can get clogged with paint if you end up chopping a pellet.

Repair Tools Included

It doesn’t matter what brand of paintball gun you buy. Eventually your gun is going to need some basic repairs, especially if you use it a lot. That’s the price of regular wear and tear, and you don’t want to be left without your gun on a day you’re planning to play.

The Azodin Kaos comes with a handy kit for do-it-yourself repairs. It includes some Allen keys and other replacement parts so you can try to fix it yourself – or bring it to a professional for a quick fix.

I’m not an expert, but when I had an issue with the trigger I was able to fix it pretty easily. The manual does a good job of explaining the working parts of the gun, and I like that it was clearly written and easy to understand.

Quick Firing

When you’re playing paintball, every second counts. If you can’t get off a shot quickly enough, you can end up getting eliminated as a result. I’m quite competitive, so it is important to me to have a weapon that lets me fire off a rapid series of shots with some accuracy.

On that point, this gun really delivers. It can fire very quickly. And while it’s not a sniper rifle, it does actually do a pretty good job of being accurate. Even as a beginner I was able to knock out several of my competitors.

Now that I’ve had some practice with it, my accuracy has improved. The pellets do curve a bit as they leave the gun, but I’ve tried some higher-priced guns and that seems to be the case with all of them. You’re not going to be a marksman with this gun, but you can be pretty deadly just the same.


A lot of paintball guns work on only one system: CO2 or compressed air. One of the things I like best about the Azodin Kaos is that it can work on either. I tend to use it with CO2, but I have friends who prefer compressed air. They both work very well.

Another thing that makes this gun versatile is that you can add an electric marker to upgrade it a bit without spending a lot of money. That’s part of why I think this is a good starter gun – you can add to it fairly easily.

Affordable Price

When it comes to paintball guns, it’s easy to spend a lot of money. There are some models out there that retail for $1000. But let’s face it – most of us don’t have that kind of money lying around.

The Azodin Kaos retails for less than $100. That makes it a super-affordable choice for just about anybody. You can even buy more than one if you want to. It might not be the fanciest gun on the market, but it’s sturdy and it gets the job done.

Downsides of the Azodin Kaos

I really like this gun a lot, but there are a few potential downsides that I want to mention here. No product is perfect, and there are definitely a few things about this gun that I wish were different. On the whole, I love it – but let’s talk about some of the issues with this gun.

1. It’s loud. The other day I was on a woods course and I fired at my buddy from behind a tree. He jumped about three feet into the air – that’s how loud it was. The noise doesn’t really bother me, but I know some people who greatly prefer a quiet gun. If stealth is important to you, then pick another gun.

2. It chops more often than I’d like. In case you’re new to paintball or unfamiliar with the term, chopping is what it’s called when the gun cuts a paintball in half. It usually happens if the paintball doesn’t load properly. A gun that has too many chops is a real letdown because first, paintballs aren’t free; and second, it leaves your gun a mess. The high-end guns on the market don’t chop much at all. Now that I’m used to the gun it chops less frequently than it did at first, and fortunately it’s very easy to clean, as I mentioned before. For some people this might be a deal breaker, but I can live with it.

3. It’s not the most accurate gun on the market. The barrel is only 12 inches long, so there’s a limit to how much accuracy you can expect from it. I’ve done well with it, but if you really want pinpoint accuracy you might need to shell out more money for a top of the line gun.

As far as I’m concerned, none of these things is a deal breaker.

If you’re in the market for a solid, fairly accurate, lightweight, and easy-to-use paintball gun, you can’t go wrong with the Azodin Kaos. It’s easy to use out of the box, and it offers enough speed and accuracy to be sufficient for almost anybody. Its affordable price makes it a great choice for beginners and kids. I’m really happy with this gun.

I hope this Azodin Kaos review has been helpful for you. One last thing, Azodin has great customer service. I read a bunch of reviews on Amazon before ordering this gun, and several people talked about how easy it was to get replacements. That’s important to me.

Get the Azodin Kaos paintball gun here.

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