Cheap Paintball Guns – Top Picks

There are hundreds of paintball guns and finding a cheap paintball gun that’s both economical and reliable is not easy.

It’s a dilemma some of us have. we don’t want to play paintball with a piece of plastic but we don’t want to break the bank either. So how do you find a cheap paintball gun that’s not a piece of plastic but won’t break the bank?

Paintball is an adored activity among the masses and has been around for years. It has filled people with joy and continues to do so.

The one thing you are going to face before diving in would be getting a good paintball gun. You will look into the market and see what is out there, but it can get perplexing after a while.

Let’s take a look at critical information associated with paintball guns and what to look for as you enter the market.

What Is A Paintball Gun?

Before looking at the benefits, tips for buying, and recommended paintball guns in your price range, it’s best to start with a simple assessment of what a paintball gun is. This is a piece of equipment used in a sport called “paintball” and is often listed as a paintball marker by players.

Benefits Of Cheap Paintball Guns

What are the advantages of getting a cheap paintball gun? What should it have to offer those who are doing this for the first time?

1) Simple Design

The simplicity of its design is the first advantage a person is going to notice. A cheap paintball gun is made to optimize the materials being used, so you are getting a bang for your buck deal. This is a critical element in how these guns are designed.

They are made to prosper in all situations and remain active as you are moving around on the field of play.

Paintball is all about the details, but a simple design is one of those advantageous realities a person is not going to ignore when they’re choosing a good paintball gun.

2) Budget-Friendly

The premise of going with a “cheap” paintball gun is to make sure you have a good price in place that suits your budget. Each person is going to have a unique price point they’re comfortable with, but you will know a cheap paintball gun is a must.

These paintball guns are made to provide value for your dollar.

You will not feel pressured into a weak gun that is not going to work when you require it the most. It is going to continue to charge forward and work the way you want it to, and that is a great starting point.

3) Robust

The design is going to be robust with a cheap paintball gun. It is going to be designed in a manner where the materials won’t deteriorate over time. You will be able to use it consistently and know things are going to be the same every day.

This is essential for those who are hoping to see results when they are on the field of play.

You don’t want to have a piece of equipment that will disintegrate in your hands or seize up when you are about to win. Plus, you’re going to get a better return on your investment with a robust gun, and that is the case here.

4) Ergonomic

The handle of the gun is going to become important when you are diving around. You don’t want to lose grip at an inopportune time as that is a sign of a gun that doesn’t work based on your needs. The best paintball guns will always have an ergonomic setup.

They are going to be lightweight and comfortable on the hands.

This is important when you are hoping to maximize your chance in the game every single time you step on the field. If this doesn’t happen, you will face a barrage of attacks from opponents without being able to respond.

5) Responsive Trigger

The trigger should be responsive as no one wants to get caught in a situation where they are not able to release the marker on time. It is essential to test out the gun as its advantage has to include a trigger that works well and in unison with your needs.

The best paintball guns are always responsive and easy on the hands when you are using them.

It’s even more important when you are moving from end to end and looking to maintain quality with your shots.

6) Precise

The quality of a paintball gun is determined by its precision. If it is not able to release paintballs at an accurate speed, you will hate having the equipment in your hand. An entire game can go down the drain with the wrong paintball gun.

This occurs when a person has not spent time looking at the gun’s specs. A good paintball gun will always be precise as that’s one of its benefits.

Tips For Selecting Cheap Paintball Guns

1) Compare Options

Before doing anything else, you want to enter the market and start assessing your options. Do you have a list of needs that have to be met? List them out and make sure you have them by your side as you sift through all of the choices.

You can go through a range of options before you can nail down what will work.

Compare options and be selective about the features you are getting from the equipment. You never want a paintball gun that is going to fail on you. This can happen with the wrong choice.

2) Focus On Accuracy And Range

If there are two components of a great paintball gun, it will be the accuracy you are getting on each shot and range. You never want to falter because the accuracy of your paintball gun is off. This happens when the wrong choice is made, and a mediocre paintball gun is put to the test.

Accuracy is all about the craftsmanship of a gun and how it’s made for paintball.

Real paintball guns can handle movement and remain precise from all angles. This consistency even with range is what makes them special buys for people.

3) Emphasize Preference

You need to go with what you prefer, and this cannot be stressed enough. You have to understand what you require from a paintball gun. Some people prefer to go with lightweight solutions, while others want full-out power and can manage extra weight.

You will have to list these things out immediately.

If you are not emphasizing preference and following what others are doing, you could end up with a lame solution that doesn’t work for your approach to paintball. Work hard on these details because the paintball gun is a major part of what you’re going to do on the field.

4) Be Patient

You want to have the mindset of someone who is ready to be patient. Too many people think they can enter the market and get a random paintball gun as long as it works. Sure, you can do this, and it might work at times, but mostly you will falter and choose something that is mediocre.

Don’t go with an inferior piece of equipment when a bit of research is going to give you a chance to maximize your potential.

Recommended Cheap Paintball Guns

1) Spyder Xtra

This is an exceptional “entry level” paintball gun that has wooed people over the years and continues to do so. The charm of this paintball gun is the ergonomic design and how it fits into the $100 range a person is going to have set.

It’s remarkably easy to maintain, and the accuracy is world-class.

You will never feel out of place with Spyder Xtra, and that is a plus point. Its trigger is great, and you will always be accurate when you are out on the field having a go at opponents and hoping to nail them.

2) US Army Alpha Black

This is a paintball gun that is under $100 and is crafted by Tippmann. This is a renowned manufacturer that has built its brand from teh ground up and understands what a player will be looking for. You want to maximize your range and you will get it with this paintball gun at a good price.

You are also going to be able to push it hard as this is one of the toughest guns you are going to find.

It can take almost anything and still look great as if you have just purchased it. This woos many people and makes it a great choice.

This is the information you will require before making a decision on which cheap paintball gun you should be going with. Paintball is a great sport, but just like anything else, you have to spend time on the equipment and make sure to put the right foot forward.

You don’t want to lose games because you are not equipped with the right gun in hand.

It is the little details that matter, but as long as your needs are being met, a good paintball gun is going to make a real difference.