Paintball FAQ’s

The following are the top questions we get on Paintball:

What is the best paintball gun?
This is one of the top questions we get and with hundreds of guns in the market, it’s not an easy answer. Please refer to our helpful guide here:

What is a paintball marker?
A paintball marker is the same as a paintball gun. At some point, in the industry, there was an attempt by some to change the name to marker so as not to be perceived as a violent game. The term comes from the fact that once a person gets hit by a paintball, that person is marked by paint.

What is a paintball hopper?
A device that attaches to your gun and loads the paintballs either electronically or by gravity.

Do Paintballs Hurt?
Hell Yeah. In all seriousness, that question depends more on where you get hit. Sensitive areas like the neck, thighs and top of the head will hurt more than getting hit in other areas. The key is to wear protective clothing and invest in protective gear for vital areas.

Can I get hurt or severely injured playing paintball?
Paintball is a relatively safe sport. You have a better chance of crossing the street and getting hit by a car than getting severely injured at a paintball field. That being said, most of the injuries we see are sprains related to arms, legs and ankles.

Should I use a Mechanical or Electronic gun?

How much gear do you need to get started?

Can you go to a paintball park alone?

I only have 500 dollars to get started?

What is speedball?

What is Woodsball?

How fast and how far can a Paintball travel?
Most paintball guns can shoot a paintball at least 200 miles per hour.
Most paintball fields have a cap at 300